Manage a global website with Directory

Directory is our brand new platform that encompasses a parent theme, various plugins and a wide selection of child themes. It is the most advanced theme we’ve ever created with literally hundreds of custom features. Read this page to learn more about how you can turn your website into a global directory.

How do cities work in Directory?

Cities in this WordPress listing directory theme essentially provide another layer of filtering content. With regular themes you’re limited to organizing posts into categories; in Directory everything you create is also filtered by cities. In practice, it means that a person who “lands” in New York won’t see anything posted for London. Customize cities by adding a city message or setting a custom header and body background. Choose between using an image or a simple color for both the header and the body.

Use city logs to check out how many people visited each of your cities. The theme also logs each visitors IP address.

A map for everything

In Directory we’ve made it so that geo-location information can be associated with virtually any piece of content. This will allow you to showcase pretty much anything on a map. Maps themselves are plentiful. They are featured on the homepage, along with search, category and detail pages. There are 6 different map widgets you can use thought the site. With category pages you can choose between using an AJAX based map or a listing map widget. The map widget also enables pinpointing functionality for quickly focusing on a specific map marker.

Go global with these location related features

  • City management
  • Add unlimited cities to your site and organize them into countries and states. We’ve pre-loaded hundreds of them to make the process faster.

  • Geo-tracker
  • A built-in IP tracking script will ensure every visitor is shown the correct city upon arrival. Of course, you can turn this off and show a default city instead.

  • Homepage map
  • Directory is filled with maps, but this one is special. Integrated search and content-rich popups are just some of the features you’ll find in it.

  • City selectors
  • While browsing the site visitors can use one of 4 selectors to change the city. Two work above the header, one is appended on the side and the last one is a widget.

Google Map features

  • Marker clustering
  • Reduce map clutter with marker clustering, a feature available for all listing maps. An option for disabling it is also provided.

  • Custom markers
  • The icon you add while creating a category will be used to represent that category within every map on the site.

  • Auto width
  • Automatic map width will allow you insert map widgets in any widgetized area and not worry whether it will fit or not.

  • Street View
  • Turn on street view by dragging the orange man at any time. Set street view as default view for the detail page map.

  • Map shortcode
  • Use a map shortcode to generate a fully functional listing map. Works with all created post types.

  • Change zoom behavior
  • The zoom factor on listing maps can be automatic (by fitting all available posts) or static (by setting it beforehand).

  • Four types
  • For most of the maps you can choose the map type. These include road, terrain, satellite, hybrid.

  • Detail map directions
  • Enter your address on the detail page and the map will generate directions to the location of the post you were viewing.

  • Full page map
  • The homepage map has a button for loading it across the whole page. Use it when searching for something specific.


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