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The Listings theme is a very adaptable and powerful CMS system for building profitable online directories. With many great tools under the hood, Listings is the ideal solution for almost any type of online business directory you can think of.

Take a look below at just some of the features and options which make this WordPress listings theme the perfect software for business directories.


Claim listing ownership options
Allow people to claim listings which have been submitted by admin (you). Use this feature to let business owners for example be able to claim and manage the claimed listing.

Once a listing claim has been approved by admin, the listing is automatically assigned to a new username so it can be managed.


AdSense or image banner
Paste your banner code in the ‘Text’ widget to display AdSense banners on your directory. The widget can be used more than once in many locations.

You can also consider using the Ad Manager add-on plugin to have banner rotation, city or category-specific banners.


Frontend Listing submissions
Allow users to submit listings on your directory with the very powerful built-in price package options. The Listings theme can also have submissions disallowed in case you require it to be an only admin submission type of directory.


Create custom price packages to suite your directory
Create single submission packages at a certain price and duration with options to be made featured for an extra amount.

You can also create subscription/membership packages which let you to set a price and number of submissions which can be made using a package. The theme also gives admin the option to offer trial periods packages.


Listings require Admin approval
To give you more control over the submitted content, you can set the default status of submitted listings to draft. Activating this option, makes all submitted listings require admin approval before making it live on your directory.

Admin approval can also be switched off so submitted listings go online. The theme also offers admin independent listing default status options for free or paid listing packages.


Unlimited custom fields
Adapt the amazing Listings theme to match whatever directory you wish to launch. Create unlimited custom fields of various types and you can even make new fields searchable in advanced search.

Decide the field sorting order and its display locations with options for displaying a field on the frontpage and listing categories, detail pages and the submission form.


Create custom listing categories
We understand that no two directories are the same. For this reason, we have designed an easy system to let you create unlimited listing categories and sub-categories to match any type of directory you are planning to build.

You can also assign a particular fields to one or more listing category or a price packages if you like. This option gives you freedom to customize the submission form as it makes it show different fields for different selected categories.


SEO features
Optimize your directory for Google and other search engines with the powerful WordPress SEO by Yoast plugin. This is a plugin which is compatible with our theme and works well with it. Use the Yoast plugin to populate all the Meta tag fields like title, description and keywords on your site.


Permalinks customizer
Use the theme’s powerful tool to customize your directory’s urls. The options include removing or changing of default words in the urls such as ‘listing’, ‘listingcategory’ or renaming or removing the word ‘city’. You can also include the city name in the listing category urls if you like.


CSV bulk import/export tool
Use .CSV files to import listings or cities to your directory from your previous directory website for example. The .CSV imports/export also works with newly created post types. You can also import/export cities to and from your website.


Custom submission form
The theme’s submission form can be easily configured to be exactly how you want it. Choose which fields are to appear on the listing submission form. You can also choose a field’s sorting order on the form and also decide if fields appear for all categories or just particular ones, the choice is yours.


Translatable and RTL support
The Listings theme is very easy to translate into any language. Use the included .PO files to translate this theme and build a directory in any language.

Not only can you translate Listings, it also supports RTL (right-to-left) languages such as Arabic, Hebrew, Persian or Urdu. Switching the language direction is simply done with a click of a button from theme settings.


The ideal theme for city directories
A very powerful business listings directory theme for 1 city or for thousands of cities, the choice is yours. Once you’ve configured the locations, your users can select from the menu to see only listings from there chosen location.

Different location selectors
The theme’s location manager lets you choose the method users can choose locations from the top of the site. Choose between showing country -> state -> city where you are using it for more than one country. You can also choose to show it as state -> city or only allowing cities to be selected.

Listings rating and reviews
Allow people to leave reviews under listings on your directory. As well as this, visitors can also rate each listing with a star rating of between 1-5. The rating option can also b switched off if you prefer not to display the rating system.


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